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Cypress Lumber
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Cypress Lumber Cypress Lumber Cypress Lumber Cypress Lumber Cypress Lumber

Why Cypress?

Baldcypress or cypress (Taxodium distichum) is also known as southern-cypress, red-cypress, yellow-cypress, and white-cypress. Commercially, the terms tidewater red-cypress, gulf-cypress, red-cypress (coast type), and yellow-cypress (inland type) are frequently used. About half of the cypress lumber comes from the Southern States and about a fourth from the South Atlantic States.  Cypress found throughout Florida is known for its relative lack of knots compared to other regions in the south. Old-growth baldcypress is no longer readily available, but second growth wood is.

Resists Insects & Decay

Cypress has natural preservative oil known as “cypressene”, which gives second growth cypress a moderate resistance to insects and decay.

Beautiful & Versatile
Cypress is a beautiful and versatile wood. Woodworkers find it easy to work with. Cypress can be used as interior trim, cabinets, counter tops, flooring and paneling. Because of the hardiness and durability of cypress it can be used in many applications outside the home, such as exterior siding, shingles, and landscape design elements. Cypress 5/4 square edge boards (a true 1” thick) work well with today’s man-made sidings.Sapwood of baldcypress is narrow and nearly white. The color of heartwood varies widely, ranging from light yellowish brown to dark brownish red, brown, or chocolate.

Excellent Durability
Given a suitable surface treatment, which provides UV and moisture protection, today’s cypress has excellent durability when compared to other species of wood siding.The wood is moderately heavy, moderately strong and moderately hard. Shrinkage is moderately low but somewhat higher than that of the cedars and lower than that of Southern Pine.


To compare the strength and mechanical properties of cypress with other species of wood, click here.

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